August 4th & 5th 2016

Tickets are sold out!

A Celebration.

Over the past 5 years Develop Denver has become more than a conference. It’s been a place to learn and grow professionaly, make new friends and have a great time. It’s been the starting place for great debates on technology and philosophy around creating things for our digital world.

Bringing together developers, designers, strategists, and those looking to dive deeper into the interactive world.

An experiment.

Bringing developers and designers together for two days of hands on code & design talks. Putting everyone on a level playing field. Pushing people to step out of their comfort zones to learn and try new things.

Develop Denver has always been about applying creativity to all areas of interactive, be it code styles & techniques, or having a heart to heart with a designer & developer over a bottle of wine in front of a room full of people.

Tickets are sold out!

A total mind melter.

Develop Denver exists to inspire and build community. It also has an ability to blow minds and introduce people to new concepts, languages & frameworks.

Topics ranging from dev ops, frontend, backend, UX, strategy and more there is something for everyone. Talks are submitted by speakers and voted on by the community. The motto is what you put in is what you take out.

If you’re interested in submitting a talk a call for speakers will be going out soon. Register to start getting updates!

A gathering.

At the core, Develop Denver is all about the community. It’s about bringing people together from different disciplines to share tricks and create friendships. It’s about having a good time with others in the industry in an informal setting that encourages the sharing of ideas.

Let's make something August 4th & 5th.